School Profile

Our educational aims: 

  • to prepare for studies at a secondary school
  • to learn English at a B1 level of the Common European reference frame
  • to learn second foreign language at a A2 level of the Common European reference frame
  • to help the pupils to use modern technology as a means of furher education
  • to join international projects
  • to enable the pupils to gain international certificates

The educational programme:

  • Our own shool educational programme  Globe-Trotter (1st - 9th classes)

Teaching of languages takes place according to the curricula:


  • the first foreign language - English
  • - 1st - 2nd class (2 lessons a week) 
    - 3rd class (3 lessons a week)
    - 4th class (4 lessons a week)
    - 4 - 7th class (4 lessons a week, 3 lessons + 1 lesson of English conversation, from 4th class with a qualified English teacher - native speaker), 8th and 9th classes (3 lessons a week + 1 lesson of conversation with a native speaker as an optional subject or preparation for PET)
  • second foreign language - French, German, Spanish or Russian (according to the option) - 5th - 9th class (in 5th class 2 lessons a week, other classes 4 lessons a week incl. 1 lesson of conversation ) 

Our extra offer

  • preparation for the international exam Preliminary English Test (PET) in a frame of the optional subject for 8th and 9th classes
  • teaching of Civics in English language for the pupils of 6th and 7th classes by CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning) 
  • preparation for the international exam Fit in Deutsch 2 (German language) and Delf A2 (French language) 

The additional programme:


  • study visits in Great Britain
  • an exchange study visit with pupils and teachers from Germany or a study visit 
  • an exchange language visit with pupils and teachers from Denmark
  • a study language visit with pupils and teachers from France or a study visit)
  • a study visit in Spain
  • open-air school stays 
  • 3rd and 4th class - swimming courses
  • 6th class - experience courses
  • 7th class - ski- school courses
  • after school hobby activities
  • participation in competitions 

The school:


  • it is a faculty school of the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles´ University
  • status is Excelent Language School by the district of Prague 6
  • it has got a School Council
  • the Civic Parent Association for the support of language education works here
  • it develops activities of the Pupils´parliament (e.g. a Far-away Child Sponsorship)
  • it sponsors breeding of the Przewalsi horse in the Prague ZOO
  • there is a school canteen and after-school club
  • there is a sports area with a multifunctional playground and two gymnasiums
  • there is a library, a project workshop and a pottery workshop)
  • it provides services of a school psychologist


22. 12. 2018- 2. 1. 2019
vánoční prázdniny (vyučování začne ve čtvrtek 3. 1. 2019)

18. 1. 2019
uzavření klasifikace za 1. pololetí

23. 1. 2019
2. klasifikační pedagogická rada